Monday, 24th June 2019

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DGSA Consultancy Ltd. and Rode Training are owned and operated by Mike and Jen Billington.
Mike is the trained DGSA who is now in his third cycle of being qualified. Both Mike and Jen have CPC qualifications in both LGV and PCV transport and Mike has a degree in Education. The company was started in 1999 when the DGSA legislation was introduced. It was originally part of RLR services that Mike & Jen started in 1989 but became independent in 2005 when the business was split three ways.
The CPC and ADR training was taken over by Clive and Amy Aisbitt. The tachograph analysis business was taken over by daughter Tracy Calland and partner Duncan Drew and Mike and Jen continued to operate in their part specialising in the DGSA requirements and driver’s hours legislation.

The company operates from Rode House which is devoted to Transport Services being the home of RLR Services, Chartcheck, Rode Training The DGSA Consultancy JTC Associates and The Driver CPC Consortium. If you have a problem or want advice it is probably available at Rode House.

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